Tips for Summer Spray Tans

Summer is here and we are all enjoying the outdoors more frequently. This means the environment will be more harsh on our skin and spray tans so it's important to be sure to give extra care. 

The main concern our clients seem to have in this Alabama heat is sweating the spray tan off. A great way to avoid this is by:

1. Use one of our available Rapid formulas, or by requesting our sweat-proof tan. Rapid formulas allow us to rinse away bronzer more quickly to prevent transfer to clothing and smudging the tan in difficult areas, such as the underarm, elbow pits, and behind the knee.

If you're tanning at home, try our Glow on the Go Tanning Mousse. This mouse is a streak-free rapid formula we love to double layer and rinse in 4 hours. 

Book spray tans by clicking our "Book Now" button under the services tab. We serve flawless spray tans in Birmingham, Troy, Montgomery, and Mobile, Alabama with in-home services available by request. Message us on Instagram or Facebook @iconicupgrades 

Along with rinsing early,

2. applying our "insurance" or Dolce Dust is a great way to ensure dry skin and no chaffing occurs- extending the life of your tan. We recommend applying daily as needed under arms, between legs, behind knees and on feet before socks to ensure your skin remains flawless and smells amazing!

Dolce Dust is perfect for wicking sweat in every day life, as well as with a spray tan, or when using our products at home. This subtly shimmery, coconut scented dust is sold with an extra large body brush you'll love to feel on the skin. 

3. Don't soak in water for too long. If you're enjoying the ocean, use a waterproof SPF and reapply every 2 hours to help maintain your spray tan and prevent skin damage from sunburn. 

Remember, do not get a spray tan or use self tanning products for 3-4 weeks after a sunburn or longer for severe burn. During this time please apply our burn gel to ensure the skin heals properly and to prevent damage to the epidermal cells. 

4. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water during the warmer months- especially when spending time outdoors. Talk to your doctor about adding a supplement for dry skin, like fish oil, if you find the skin and hair to be dry. 

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