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Dolce Dust

Dolce Dust & Brush

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This ultra fine LUXURY FINISHING POWDER is designed to be lightly dusted onto the skin within minutes after the tan. You will feel dry and able to carry on with your day without feeling like you have applied tan and your results will be protected from mishaps that could ordinarily compromise a flawless application.

After a decade and a half of testing solutions together with powders, Dolce Dust has proven to be the most luxurious experience guaranteed not to interfere with the spray tanning process.

Advantages of Dusting:

- Removes the sticky feeling sometimes associated with spray tans
- Minimizes transfer onto clothing and sheets
- Helps prevent post spray tan smudging
- Helps with perspiration in humid climates
- Eliminates DHA odor with a delicious Coconut Cream scent
- Keeps skin hydrated without compromising the sunless tan

90 grams
50+ full-body applications