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Infinity Sun

Pure Glow Kit

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This kit brings you the new Phydra-Luxe™ PhBalanced body wash to gently cleanse and optimize the skin for the optimal tan. Once you have self-tanned, Phydra-Luxe™ is the ideal body wash to cleanse the skin, maintain hydration and to preserve the color!

For the perfect tan in the convenience of your home, Infinity sun Glow on the Go ® Age-defying Rapid Bronze mousse is great for all skin types and skin tones. With the highest quality self- tanning agents, a natural skin enriching blend of vitimins, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and our proprietary blend of sunless tanning ingredients, you can build a color to suit your desired tone.


Rinse off in 2 hours for a light glow, 4 hours for a medium tan and 6 hours for a radiant, deep-dark riveria glow.

This kit contains 1 Phydra-Luxe ™ Body Wash
1 Glow on the Go ® Mousse
1 Tan Mitt